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I'm so fucking mad at people that act all High 'N Mighty, and think their shit smells better than every one elses!! The other day, I was waiting in an insanely long line, at the store, and there was some woman bouncing back and forth to different Fast Lanes. Ok, that's fine, but she had a fuckn cart with a million items! ..not 20 or less! a million! Then when she gets to the front of one of the lines, the cashier tells her that its an express lane and that she'll have to go somewhere else! Well, that apparently wasn't good enough for this lady. So she stood at one of the registers that wasn't in use! After a minute or two, an employee told her that it was closed. She bitched and moaned and they opened that fucking register just for her! Gah!

And another thing! I love my job! But there's this lady that sits nearby me that narcs on everyone! Come on, people! You don't get promoted because you're constantly licking your boss's ass! They're just taking advantage of you for that little bit of information! I mean, shit! If I want to sit and spin in my chair for a minute or draw a picture of office humor, let me do so! We're all adults here! Jeezus! I hate how office politics is like elementary school, but without the fun art projects and snow days!
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