One Classy Lady (megan51) wrote in cranky_girls,
One Classy Lady

roommate woes

So several things in my apartment are "communal," including the towels. However since my roommate is moving out he has asked that I seperate the towels and wash them. Which isn't a big deal, because I use more towels. However, he tells me as I am about to take a nap because I am obviously so tired I can't keep my eyes open for the conversation, that he wants it done TODAY, so he can pack them by Thursday. I know DAMN well that he will not pack them tomorrow or Wednesday, so why the fuck do I have to do them tonight? He not only didn't offer to help pay for the washing (despite the fact it included towels he has used) he is now IN BED...while I wait up for the second round of drying to finish.

I am your roommate motherfucker, not your womanservant.
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