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Middle aged Men

Middle aged men act like they own the fucking universe, and I am ready to set fire to their gas guzzling SUVs.

While vactioning I was waiting in line to ask the next available hotel attendant for directions, this 40ish man walks PAST me to the counter where one can buy toiletries and such, then when the girl comes out, waves her down to come assist him, I don't take this kind of shit, so this is what happened:

Me: "Excuse me, but I was next"

Asshole: "to check out, I need the concierge"

Me: I actually had a question

AH: Well, you should have walked over here then

Me: Admit that you were rude and we can move on

AH: Like you're bing a rude bitch now (ps, there were children with the couple in front of me

Me: Fine, we're even. You cut in front of me sir, I have a right to point it out to you

AH: I did not (then he mumble something to the counter girl who is trying to give him his change, assumed to be about me being a bitch)

The poor counter girl was all upset, and kept apologizing, I told her she had no reason to be sorry, because he has no right to talk to her, me or anyone else the way he just did

This led me to thinking, middle aged men treat women in their twenties like objects. At that moment in time, I was a piece of shit to him, late that evening that same guy could be ogling my breasts at a bar, and even hitting on me. They think that because they are men, and they have lived trough more than we have they have right to walk all over us. Whether it be to cheat on their wife, and pamper us until they are done with us, or push us to the side because we could never be right in the presence of such agreat man. They do this at stores, hotels, espicially at bars, anywhere they come in contact with us. And why? because we are climbing up the ladder, we are more qualified for their jobs, and we don't need THEM to take vare of us and be our sugar daddies. Hell, some women don't even need them to help raise a family.

I am not an object and I refused to be treated that way, by anyone, let alone a guy going through a mid life crisis.

Take your corvette and small dick elsewhere!
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